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Dec 12

Drugs, Alcohol, and Depression in Pregnancy and Postpartum

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An article from The Recovery Village titled “What to Know about Taking Opiates during Pregnancy” states that “according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), millions of women in the U.S. take opioids, and they often take them without realizing they’re pregnant, unwittingly putting their babies at risk.” Read more about the effects on the baby and how to stop here.

Additionally, “national survey data suggest that new mothers have high prevalences of alcohol and illicit drug use. Depression correlates with substance use, and new mothers with postpartum depression (PPD) may be at high risk for substance use.“ Read more about the research survey here.

If you are struggling with any sort of drug or alcohol use or depression or anxiety of any kind, please reach out to your midwife, doctor, or mental health provider. They are here to support you without judgement. If you think you might have an addiction and you are pregnant, click here to learn about help in Colorado.