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Joel Ryan, MS – CEO Ryan, MS – CEO

Hi. I’m Joel, the birth center guy. Opening a birth center became a dream for me over the course of the birth of my five sons. The first two were born in the early 90s in hospitals that provided little to no staff to support natural birth. Our last 3 were born at home. First in Ohio with Nurse-Midwives that had to attend for free (illegal to attend homebirth for pay in OH at that time). Our fourth in Virginia with direct entry midwives that also had to attend for free. Our fifth son was born in Colorado where we could finally pay the midwife without fear

With opening a birth center as one of my long term goals, I left the Air Force in 2002 and settled in Colorado. My wife at the time became the one-and-only Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in Colorado attending home births. Being the only one, it was hard for her to team with hospital-based midwives or doctors, or with other homebirth midwives, all registered midwives. She ran her homebirth practice for four years, then in late 2005 we decided to go for it. After lots of hard work and credit card debt, the birth center opened its doors for clinic visits in April 2006 and for births in September 2006.

The birth center grew and so did the workload. I had moved to Ball Aerospace in January 2006 and the commute kept me away from home far too much, all while my wife’s load at the birth center was leading to longer and longer hours. The center also suffered some terrible billing errors by a small billing service. So in mid-2006 I decided to leave Ball and work at the birth center full-time. It’s been a real adventure ever since. Tracy (my ex) has moved on, but MMC continues to grow.

I truly hope that Mountain Midwifery Center can be a viable alternative for families for years to come. The birth center was built by many people as a place we wished we had for the births of our children. My particular passion is to see midwifery care and supporting services (like breastfeeding) be a sustainable business model serving thousands of families every year. My vision is that affordable, high value, evidence-based midwifery care will become a viable option for women who want to practice midwifery AND support their family.

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