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Wellness Care

Gynecology with a balanced medical and holistic approach including pap smears, blood work, and other labs. Holistic fertility guidance is also available through our wellness visits with a Certified Nurse Midwife.

Family Planning

MMC offers a full range of choices, including holistic options. Options include but are not limited to oral contraceptive prescriptions, IUDs, Nexplanon and charting with the Fertility Awareness Method. Natural birth control classes, consultations and fertility support is offered by partner practitioners.

Family Building at MMC

Mountain Midwifery Center is pleased to offer insemination services to families who desire a home-like environment and experience.  These services include midwifery support for both the preconception period and during the insemination itself if appropriate and desired – to provide a balance between clinical support and a home-like environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What type of preventative and medical services do you routinely provide? Do you provide primary healthcare services to your clients or only services related to maternity care?

Mountain Midwifery Center can provide the full range of primary care to our clients, including preventative care. We provide diet and exercise education, as well as routine screenings such as pap smears, cholesterol, glucose, thyroid testing, and a full range of family planning, and even family building services.

Q:What sorts of insemination services does Mountain Midwifery Center Offer?

Mountain Midwifery offers both ICI (intracervical insemination using known donor sperm) and IUI (intrauterine insemination using unknown donor sperm). These services are available to folks interested in using donor sperm and insemination in the hopes of becoming pregnant. This service is not appropriate for those who are working with infertility. Please note – the risk out factors for birth at MMC do NOT apply to these services. These services do not require you to get prenatal care or give birth at our center. 

Q:What is the process for insemination services at MMC?

To create optimal timing for insemination, there are several steps: 1-A preconception Gyn appointment is required for insemination services. A good medical history and a conversation about the next phase of fertility tracking are essential.  This appointment will also address informed consent and the type of sperm sample to be used. 2 -Clients will be expected to track their fertility using the Fertility Awareness Method for at least 3 months (we can refer you to our partner experts for excellent information, guidance and support). This information will be reviewed at a second appointment (a 20-minute consult) and the next plan will be made. This plan will either include additional fertility tracking or a plan for insemination. 3-At the appropriate time, clients will be inseminated twice in a 24-hour window. **Clients are responsible for obtaining and bringing their own sperm sample to the insemination** Insemination will take place in the birth center – you are welcome to bring elements from your life to help make our center feel like home to you. 4-Typically, no follow-up is necessary unless dictated by the medical history of the client. A well-timed home pregnancy test is adequate for most families.  However, if you think you are pregnant, following up with a prenatal provider for pregnancy verification would be the next step.  Using MMC for insemination does not bind you to our prenatal services in any way.

Q:How much does Family Building at MMC cost?

Only the first appointment can be billed to insurance; the other visits must be paid for in full at the 20-minute clinic consult. One cycle includes both a consult ($75) and the insemination itself ($350).  If the first cycle does not result in pregnancy, additional cycles will include both consult and insemination costs as well.