Part-time clerical/billing opportunity at MMC

So many great changes happening here at the birth center! We have started using our electronic charting system, we are preparing for our move in the spring, and we have staff members expecting babies of their own this winter. MMC is looking to fill a part time position that is temp to hire in our medical records/billing department. We are looking for someone who had good attention to detail as well as strong customer service skills. Any previous medical office and/or insurance experience is a plus!

MMC's Unique Breastfeeding Protocol has Amazing Results!

MMC cut newborn weight loss referrals in half with a unique, but evidence-based approach. This report is an example of how we as an independent midwifery practice (the only one of its kind in Colorado) allows us to implement protocol changes not possible in other locations, other practices. This blog is from our Research Director, Heather Thompson, Ph D)


News from Melissa, CNM

Labor is a fluid, dynamic process.  Midwives are fluid and dynamic people. As such, we have the potential of liking to challenge ourselves and move on to new learning opportunities.  The midwives at MMC are no exception.  To this end, we have a bittersweet announcement from Melissa, CNM. Melissa ia a fantastic midwife and we wish her nothing but the bset going forward in her journey.  Here is her announcement:

Introducing Our New Midwife; Laura Pearson

I am proud to be able to introduce our families to our newest midwife. We are sad to lose Laura Thielke, but know that she will be wonderful at Denver Health. We can never replace her however, we feel lucky to welcome Laura Pearson to our team. Here is a little bio from her; Hi everyone! My name is Laura Pearson and I am beyond thrilled to be part of Mountain Midwifery! I have always been fascinated by the processes of pregnancy and birth.

News from Laura, CNM

We have some news to share with our families. Laura, CNM will soon be leaving our group. We here at MMC are saddened to see her leave and wish her nothing but the best. We also know how lucky the families at her new job are about to be to have her as a provider. Here is her letter to everyone;

Introducing the "New" Purple Room

When the birth center first opened, we did everything that we do today…..but all of it was done in what is now the “birth center” or suite 400. All of our classes were taught in the Middle room, we had two birth rooms, the Log and Blue rooms, and all appointments happened in the Tent room, which looked like one of clinic rooms today. Looking back it is hard to believe that we did all of that i