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Please print and complete the following forms as appropriate to your care with us. You can email the forms prior to your appointment, or just bring them with you. If you are unable to print your forms ahead of time, please arrive an additional 10 mins ahead of your check-in time to complete them in our office. We recommend you keep copies of all forms as informational reference.

All New and Returning Clients

If you are new to MMC, or it has been a year or more since we last saw you, please complete the forms in this section, regardless of the reason for your visit.
Privacy Policy and Acknowledgement
Contact Disclosure
Medical Records Release
Medical Records Request

Pregnancy Forms

Please complete these forms for your first and second visits:
Pregnancy General Agreement
Informed Consent
Obstetric Tests
HIV Pregnancy
PDR Consent
Media Release
Maternity Financial Policy

Please complete these forms for your third trimester:
GroupBstrep & Waterbirth
Nitrous Oxide
Vitamin K & Eye

For clients using insurance:
ABN for insured clients

For clients using Medicaid:
Medicaid at MMC

For clients transferring into care after 24 weeks:
Late Transfer Agreement

Wellness and GYN Care Forms

Lab tests with Well and GYN care
SELF-PAY agreement for clients without insurance
Paragard IUD consent
Mirena IUD consent
Skyla IUD consent

Family Building Forms

ICI consent
IUI consent
Sperm Sample consent