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Initial Visit Forms

Your clinic visits occur in Suite 300, upstairs from the education space. Suite 300 is just inside the gate from the half-circle turnaround on Clarkson Street. Please bring these forms with you on your first visit.

Initial Visit Questions
Patient Information Form
Records Request to MMC

Maternity Forms

Dietary Recall
Newborn Health Record Checklist
Birth Certificate Worksheet
Questionnaire Client Maternity Eval
GTT Testing Information
Swedish Pre-Admit (Form)
Swedish Pre-Admit (website)

Informed Consent

GroupBstrep & Waterbirth
Obstetric Tests
Vitamin K & Eye
HIV Pregnancy
Informed Consent

Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices


Records Release from MMC
Records Request to MMC

Benefits of Birth Centers and Midwifery Care

National Birth Center Study
How Birth Centers Benefit Employers

Common Forms

We’ve placed common forms on this page you may need during your experience at MMC.

To download a form simply click on its link.

If you need a form completed by us or any other business request (i.e. FMLA paperwork, disability paperwork, FLEX receipt, copy of entire medical chart, letter to return to work, etc.), please give us sufficient time to complete it before it’s due; we may take 5-10 business days to these tasks.

Please note the following:
Pregnant? The Initial Visit is a medical visit and is not appropriate for detailed questions regarding insurance, billing, and the birth center model of care. Please ask those questions at an Orientation or outside your appointment with our reception desk, or by email.

At the initial pregnancy / maternity visit we require $200.00 registration fee from all patients.

For non-medical phone call-backs, we return calls within 1 business day, so call-backs for new OB appts or billing questions or class sign-ups may not occur until the day after a message is left.

Within 2 weeks of your initial visit we will have an estimate of what you’ll owe for maternity care and facility fees.

Tricare? for ALL Tricare plans, we must pre-authorize your care before we can see you. Please provide your DoD ID/Benefits # and Sponsor SSN when making your appointment.