Classes / Education:

    • Get scheduled for classes between 24 and 28 weeks in your pregnancy to ensure that you have completed your required classes by the start of your 36th week.
    • Note: there is NO waitlist for FULL classes. Please choose another date
    • Online registration is now available.
    • For questions call  303.954.9399 (Blossom Wellness Center).
    • Payment is due upon registration. 


Don't see a class that fits in your schedule? Please call or email regarding our upcoming schedule email us.

** Parents with CHP+ or Medicaid please call for registration instructions **

All classes are held in suite #500 of Plaza de Medicos, specifically Blossom Wellness Center. We’ve been told we have one of the best class facilities in the Denver area. We have 500 square feet of class room space to spread out and get comfy on big pillows and pads. There is a plush couch, mod seats, yoga balls and a widescreen TV for films and presentations. Two roomy bathrooms are available as well. Free WiFi is available so you can twitter/blog/email friends and family from the class. *Getting childcare prior to a class is strongly advised as the attention of all those who attend need to be focused and not distracted.*

All our instructors are highly qualified or directly certified in the classes they teach. Mountain Midwifery Center considers education to a critical component of birth and wellness and we take pride in the strength and value of our class offerings. First-time parents are required to take a Natural Childbirth Series, Breastfeeding Class, and Newborn Care Class. Here's a list of classes available to both MMC clients and the public at large... 


  • Early Pregnancy Class - a one time, one hour class, price included in the registration fee -

      The Early Pregnancy class is for expecting parents in their first trimester. This class can be taken at any time, even prior to your first visit, but should be taken before the second appointment. It is good information for both mothers and partners, but it is not a mandatory class. There is no additionl charge for this class. 

    This class will cover topics such as:
    Maternity billing and birth center financial policies
    Discomforts of early pregnancy and self help remedies
    Diet and exercise in in the first trimester
    Screening and diagnostic tests, what is mandatory, recommended and optional?
    Open discussion with other MMC families  (click on date for online registration)



  • Birth at MMC Class - a 1-time class, $65 - This one time class is required for families who are having their second to fifth child and are planning their first out-of-hospital birth, or for families transferring care to us and have taken a hospital based class series or a class series outside of MMC. This class is recommended but not required for families whose last birth has been over a year at MMC. This will be a time to review the progression of labor, what birth at MMC is like; what is normal birth for MMC and what falls outside of normal and how it is supported.  This is also a time for couples to practice comfort measures and coping techniques for labor in the birth rooms.  Content is also directed at partners regarding how to support mom during the early labor phase at home, what to look for while laboring at home, and when to be calling the midwives. We ask you to take it before 36 weeks of pregnancy. A recent participant said, "We really found this refresher class to be useful information. We came in feeling like it was just a requirement but came away with new information and questions answered that we didn't even know we had! Thanks!" *3 couples must be registered in order for the class to meet. Please arrange childcare for your current child(ren). (Click on date for online registration)                   

  • For due dates between 6/15/14 and 7/15/14
  • For due dates between 7/1/14 and 8/1/14
  • For due dates between 7/15/14 and 8/15/14
  • Breastfeeding for Parents-to-Be with Amanda - 1 class, 2 hours - $65 -  This is a required class for first-time parents. We ask that you attend it between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. A time to learn and discuss various aspects of breastfeeding including: how to establish a good latch, baby-led latch, positioning, how to tell if you baby is feeding well and ways to overcome common challenges.  This class also incorporates information that is helpful for dads and partners of breastfeeding mom to know and watch for.  All of our classes are taught by certified instructors and IBCLCs.  Dads or partners are required to attend! (Click on date for online registration)                                                     

  • For due dates between 5/15/14 and 6/15/14
  • For due dates between 6/1/14 and 7/1/14
  • For due dates between 6/15/14 and 7/15/14
  • For due dates between 7/1/14 and 8/1/14
  • For due dates between 7/15/14 and 8/15/14
  • For due dates between 8/1/14 and 9/1/14


For the following classes, please visit Blossom Wellness Center for more information, dates, and details...

  • Breastfeeding Support Goup with Katie Halverstadt IBCLC, RN, BSN - Every Thursday from 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm $10 Drop-In-Fee. No sign up required, just show up to suite 500

  • Baby wearing with Heather Thompsonplease see Blossom Wellness Center - Learn how to wear your baby! This class will help you choose a baby carrier that fits your lifestyle and personality as well as improve the use of carriers you may already own.    

  • Pregnancy Comforts Workshop - with Dr Colleen Holland and Dr. Tara Zeller - please see Blossom Wellness Center - Would you like to learn how to: * Reduce mom's aches and pains? *Improve baby's position for an easier birth? * Give mom a more comfortable labor and delivery? Join other couples (20 weeks +) for this fun 3-hour workshop taught by vetran Prenatal Chiropractors. 

  • The Spiritual Journey In Pregnancy with Sara J Runge MA, CHt. - please see Blossom Wellness Center - This 8 week course will weave a web of support as women, deepen our emotional awareness, anchor into our bodies wisdom, and create conscious connection with ourselves and our babies! We will use experiential exercises, guided imagery, journaling, meditation, moving and more.   

  • Mindful Parenting with Andra Brill - please see Blossom Wellness Center - Introduction to Mindful Parenting - already a parent? Parents to be? Take a moment, take a breath. Get some guidance on giving focus to this very big job. Individuals and couples welcome.

  • Holistic Fertility with Colleen Flowers of Flowers Fertility please see Blossom Wellness Center - Colleen is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and will teach the basics of charting your cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.  Prepare your body for pregnancy! 

  • Natural Birth Control with Colleen Flowers of Flowers Fertility - please see Blossom Wellness Center - "There is a proven, comprehensive way to prevent pregnancy and, at the same time, protect your health and your potential for future fertility. The Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness provides the knowledge you need to manage your own birth control naturally" ( Colleen is a Fertility Awareness Educator and a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) through Justisse Healthworks for Women and loves teaching women and girls about their bodies!   

  • Wills & Wellness with Bonnie Bowles (Esq.) - please see Blossom Wellness Center - This free informational class is offered by Jeffrey R. Young & Associates. Find out about making a will, choosing your baby's guardian, and ensuring your baby's financial security.  

  • Doula Training: Advanced Practice Birth Support please see Blossom Wellness Center - Includes hands on training with birth center families, advanced practice topics for trained birth professionals, and orientation specific to the Mountain Midwifery Birth Center. Participants will engage in classroom, on site, and on line activities. See Cocoon Birth for more information.